Village Zuta
Rev. Mark Machado's Missionary Trip 

Sunday morning Church Service July 27th 2014. Brother Mark had about seven receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This Church is in a city near the capital city of Accra in the nation of Ghana in West Africa. Founded by one of his Graduate students of the "Gifts of the Spirit" class he presented many years ago.

A curse by witchcraft was put on this Sister in Christ that made her go insane. Brother Mark broke the curse and ministered to her brain.

This recipient had a fever, stomach pains and a desire to be married. She was healed by Brother Mark and was united in prayer to God for an honorable man to come into her life. The Sister with him in the black and white dress with no scarf on her head is Brother Mark's interpreter, Sister Victoria.

This Sister a member of the church is a neighbor who had a fever, headache, and heavy oppression. She gave gave her praise report the next day to the Pastor's wife and said that the teaching on Sunday was simple and easy to understand. Brother Mark taught a message on Faith

This is a man (with the green shirt in the middle) that I (Brother Marl) just led to Christ. He was a man at a village several years ago when I led three souls to Christ, that dedicated the land to Christ in front of the idol that they worshiped.

This is a young woman that was delivered from the curse of a fetish priest. The bracelet was a point of contact. Praise God for the deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ!

Praise the Lord we had several souls come to Christ tonight!

The young child had stomach problems and a fever, also could not walk because of a weakness in the muscles.

This is the voodoo place along the way of the pond of water. The pagans go there to consult familiar spirits. Then they will do voodoo on others.

Here is the high chief pagan priest of another village. He invited me to see and video their pagan practice in a few days. I will go and record and give them the message of the one true God and Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world. Thanks for your prayers, Brother Mark Machado.

Here is the blood and feathers of the chicken the pagans sacrificed to their god before dancing.

This is the water for the people of the mostly Christian village. Dark muddy pond water!

Here is the occult fetish worshipper's in a different village (Weme (is pronounced V em A) Ghana West Africa, July 30th, 2014) dancing. They allowed me to take pictures and video of their pagan practice. 

The same occult dancer's dancing to their god.

This is Brother Francis my grad from 2003 he is in front of me in the stripped shirt. He is building a school here in this village of Wene for the children of the village, and also a church building.

I gave the elder of the village a bottle of water for a gift of thanks for allowing me to preach Christ. Weme West Ghana Africa.

Idols on each side of the road. The occult sect separated and now one group worships one and the other group the second idol. I passed these on my way to the village to preach. Weme West Ghana Africa, July 30th, 2014.

This young man is making Kente Cloth in a village to make money to buy food. It is very expensive and the kings of the village wear a mantle.

Here Brother Samuel gave me a Kente Cloth mantle. God bless him! Weme West Ghana July 30th, 2014.

This dwelling place of this village in Weme Ghana West Africa July 30th, 2014.

This man in the village Weme goes insane because of evil spirits. He is not chained now so we talked and I ministered healing to the brain damage and took authority over the Devils so he can be free. 

I am thanking the idol worshipper and his wife for allowing me to preach Christ to all the people in the village Weme
The man with the blue pants and hat in the center is 92 years old. He is the elder idol worshipper of the village. He did not accept Christ but said he will think about the message of Christ I gave them all in the Weme village. 

Here I am helping them receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Lord! Weme Ghana West Africa, July 30th, 2014

These are all the souls (all that are standing with me) that came to Christ today after I, Brother Mark Machado gave them the message of Jesus Christ the Saviour. After I led them to Christ they all received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 


These are witchcraft items that those who came to Christ brought up to destroy and burn. Akatsi Zuta West Ghana Africa July 31st, 2014.

Here I am standing with Brother Francis, on the left, and now converted to Christ former idol worshipper's. The Brother with the cream colored shirt( John Agboyom) 2nd from the left received the baptism of the Holy Ghost last night under my hands. Praise God thank you Lord! Akatsi West Ghana Africa, Brother Mark Machado, July 31st, 2014.

All these Brothers and Sisters (and more not in the photos) in Christ came for healing and prayer today one by one. Most were oppressed by evil spirits and were set free by faith in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord! Akatsi West Ghana Africa, July 31st 2014.

This is Brother Emanuel with his wife and twin children a boy and a girl. Brother Emanuel is my interpreter for this Volta region in Ghana West Africa.

Here we are burning the witchcraft items and the now Christian, former idol worshipper's are singing and are free from the curse as I let them know that they are free in Christ. Akatsi Zuta Ghana West Africa, July 31, 2014.


This is the after Sunday church service August 3rd, 2014. This is the congregation of New Life Church I just taught on the Judgment seat of Christ. Many were thankful for the Word of God. The man in the wheel chair left front row is missing his left leg and most of his toes on his right foot.
/why you are wondering? Was he a leaper? No! Is he a diabetic? No! Than why? He was an occult fetish priest and another evil doer shot (exercised an evil spirit against him) him and the result of this cursed spirit was manifest by him losing body parts. 
He was ministered to in the name of Jesus Christ and the evil curse was then healing for his body. Praise God for the power we have in and by faith in the name of Jesus Christ!
Akatsi Zuta Ghana West Africa. 

Here our Sister brought her bowl with an whole egg and a paste soap in it. It was given to her by a witch. She was told that when she takes a bath with the soap she will have more customers for her business, We destroyed it and burnt it then broke the powers of hell coming against her. Now she is free in Christ Jesus.Praise God in the name of Jesus Christ. Akatsi Zuta Ghana West Africa, Sunday August 3rd, 2014.

Here our Brother in Christ, Ftrancis is thanking me for coming to his village 11 years ago and leading him to Christ a few days ago.He gave me two bottles of honey as a gift of thanks. Remember these are very poor people so it means a lot to me. Thank you Lord and bless our Brother for it! Akatsi Zuta Ghana West Africa, Sunday August 3rd, 2014.

Here are the children in Sunday School class at New Life Church in Akatsi Zuta Ghana West Africa, August 3rd, 2014.

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