Rev. March Machado's Missionary Trip

I was asked to speak at the Parent Teachers meeting at school at the Church here in Kasoa Ghana West Africa. I let them know how important it is to teach the children in the things of God. August 4th, 2014

Ghana West Africa traffic in Kasoa. Traveling to another city to teach and train new students on the Gifts of the Spirit coarse. Slow moving traffic, looks like it will be a long night. Thank you for your prayers. August 5th, 2014.

God bless you all and thank you for your prayers as I just arrived safe and sound in Saltpond Ghana West Africa. August 5th 2014.

Praise God we had about 15 Believers's on Jesus Christ receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues here in a Church in the city of Mankessim. The founder of the church Rev. Isaac Jesus took the two weeks Gifts of the Spirit course here in this city in 2002.Thank you Lord for your greatness in the name of Jesus Christ. August 7th, 2014.

Praise God a husband and wife who established this church first hosted me for the first Gifts of the Spirit course I ever taught in Africa in 2002. It was a great joy to hear the speaking in tongues with the interpretations and prophecy being done as God's Word says we are to.
I was asked to preach and minister here this Sunday 10th, 2014.

Thank you Lord, and thanks to all of you who are praying and supporting the work, the Lord has allowed me to do as I taught the congregation this Sunday on the benefit of speaking and praying in other tongues. Mankessim Ghana West Africa. Sunday 10th, 2014.

Here the crowd lined up for healing. Praise God for the grads of the Gifts of the Spirit course I had there to help me minister healing to the crowd. 

Here a young girl came on her own for healing God bless her for her boldness and faith.

Here Rev. Isaac the hosting Pastor 2002 graduate of the Gifts of the Spirit course is also ministering healing and helping others in the receiving of the baptism of the Spirit and the Gift of tongues. And they glorified God who has given such power and authority unto men!

The Sister in Christ I am ministering to was not eating properly and was becoming weak. Praise God for the power we have been given in the name of Jesus Christ to heal the sick.

The believers in Christ, because of her pregnancy, was having many problems even by revelation I knew the cord in the womb was wrapped around the child, but now the child will be born without complications. Praise God forever!

Thanks to my interpreter the man in the white shirt to my { I am in the purple shirt) immediate right we were able to minister healing to many. Mankessim Ghana West Africa. Sunday Agust 10th, 2014.

This is Apostle Kakou Emanuel Beugre. He came to meet me with his wife on the left. They are from the country of Cote d'lvoire also known as the Ivory Coast. They want me to come to their country in the futue to win souls for Christ. (they call Church Planting) in a new area and teach their people in the Word of God. Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Saturday August 9th, 2014.

All these came forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Praise God. Tuesday evening August 12th, 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa.

Praise God the young girl came of healing of her stomach.

The Sister in Christ had a infection on her right leg. Thank you Lord for your healing power.

These all came for healing. Thank God for my interpreter who made sure the revelations were made clear so that by faith they were made whole again.

Evil spirits were coming at night tormenting this young one. Thank God that by faith in the name of Jesus Christ the captives are set free. Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Tuesday August 12th 2014.

This is Pastor Emanuel giving testimony that as Brother Mark Machado was preaching the message "No Condemnation" he saw two angels ministering to the congregation taking away their pain. Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Wednesday August 13th 2014.

Here are the 56 recipients who were water baptized today. Saturday August 16th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa.

I taught the congregation on The Marriage Supper of the Lamb then many came for healing. Tuesday August 12th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa. 

 I am teaching about 30 students in the Gifts of the Spirit course on the gift of faith. My interpreter in the blue shirt Brother Peter took the course under me many years ago and the new students are thanking him for the good job he is doing. August 14th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa.

Here I was Teaching the people on the water baptism before we went to the ocean to baptize them.

Here I lead the children to Christ then they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost before we went to the ocean to water baptize them.  

After baptizing them Pastor's, interpreters, and parents of some of the children came for a picture. I am kneeling in front in the white shirt and pants. Saturday August 16th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa. 

This is a young boy with his mother. The young boy has had a curse from witchcraft put on him and seems to not be in his right mind. I see him daily on the road wandering. Most people who pass him by speak evil against him. Some even strike him. 
My heart was to help him, so this morning his mother came to a family member and asked if I could minister to him. Thank God, so after the morning service I ministered to him and his mother. Sunday August 17th 2014.

This morning at the Church service I taught on the sermon titled, The Blood of Jesus Christ. The people were happy for the truth as many were taught you cast out devils, shoot the devil, drink, and put the blood of Jesus Christ on everything. Praise God for His truth in His Holy Word. Sunday August 17th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa.

Before going to Sunday morning service I was waiting for my ride to the church. So I was speaking to the host of the home, her daughter (not in the picture) and the young man on the stairs. I asked what church they attended and they said the name and I knew it was a denomination that believed in the baptism and spiritual gifts.

So I mentioned, oh they believe in speaking in tongues! The young man said he wanted to speak in tongues and I said come here I can help you. He received and was speaking in tongues and was amazed and was rejoicing. Then his sister said she does not believe in it. I was telling the young man that you can now pray in the spirit as you are doing school work and God will give you better understanding in your school work.

Then his sister said now I want to speak in tongues also. So she received then her mother came and received. Praise God all before I left for service. Thank you Lord. Sunday August 17th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa.

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