Rev. March Machado's Missionary Trip

I was here in this village of Kylakor about ten years ago and delivered many from a type of witchcraft whereby they use powder in their opened flat hand and then blow in into the air to put a curse on someone. Sending an unclean spirit to do evil. 
The place at the time only had a roof and after the three day campaign we water baptized 121 of them in a small pond. Now the work of God's people is carrying on with the building now complete. Kyiakor Ghana West Africa, Monday August 18th 2014.

My interpreter on the left is Pastor Eshwal, who took the two weeks course I taught on the Gifts of the Spirit in 2002 in a city a long drive from here.

I was teaching the congregation on faith, and was giving an example where Jesus spoke to the fig tree in Mark 11, using this pot of flowers as a fig tree.

After making a call for salvation I asked if anyone wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Well, almost the whole congregation came, we had our work cut out for us. Praise God with your prayers and support, and the faith of the people, the work was accomplished!

Here a formerly devil possessed young man was delivered. After casting out many devils, when the last one was cast out our Brother was finally at peace! He also received the baptism of the Holy Ghost! Praise the Lord!

Here Rev. Gyedu (who hosted the first Gifts of the Spirit course I ever taught in Ghana West Africa 2002) is encouraging the people to receive their healing by faith and gave testimonies of others who were healed by us in his church a few days before.

Wondering what this picture is about? There are children sleeping between the net covered chairs. Why you might say? So the mosquitoes will not get them and infect them with malaria.This was after the service in Kyiakor as we were waiting for our car to take us back to our rooms in a city about an hour away. Kyiakor Ghana West Africa, Monday August 18th 2014.

Goats in the classroom? Yes the animals here are everywhere. Goats, chickens, dogs, pigs and birds are roaming here and there. Today Tuesday afternoon we were leading the 29 students into their ministries. At times throughout the teaching and training, animals primarily goats had to be shewed out of the church.Well? God says He separates the sheep from the goats! Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Tuesday August 19th 2014

Praise God for the last two days, my interpreter, Peter O.K. Sam and I have been leading the 29 students into their God-given ministries.They are all casting out devils, and healing the sick. They all have been speaking with tongues and interpreting and prophesying.
Praise God for the success of these students here in Saltpond. They will all graduate tonight, Wednesday August 20th 2014. Saltpond Ghana West Africa

For the past two weeks I have been watching the young boys play soccer with a homemade ball out of tape and rags. I gave them this new ball today to Enoch the boy holding the ball. Then I prayed for them all. 
Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Wednesday August 20th 2014.

We had 29 students graduate the Rev. B.G. Leonard full two weeks course on the Gifts of the Spirit tonight. I prophesied over each of them one by one. Here is one of the students, Brother Blessing is his name.

Here are the 29 graduating students of the Gifts of the Spirit course in Saltpond with my interpreter on the far left, Brother Peter, and me on the far right.

Brother Justice on the left was one of my interpreter's is receiving his graduation certificate.  

The hosting Pastor Emmanuel is presenting me with a gift. Hmmm..I wonder what it is?

This black and white African top. God bless them for this gift.

My interpreter Brother Peter, also was given a gift of thanks for the work of the Lord done in the two weeks teaching and training for the now, new grads.

God bless Pastor Emmanuel and his family for all their hospitality and labors of love in meeting my daily needs. They were great hosts during the two weeks of my stay while teaching and training on the Gifts of the Spirit. Saltpond Ghana West Africa, Wednesday August 20th 2014.

Near the start of the Gofts of the Spirit course today we (my interpreter Brother Peter and I Brother Mark) needed to deliver a student from a cursed spirit. Praise God she is free and of sound mind. Thanks you all for praying for us! Kasoa Ghana West Africa, Thursday August 21st 2014.

The hosting Pastor bought me to this Bank owned by his friend, far left, as I ministered to them all. There were no customers there when we arrived. We united in prayer for the business to prosper and as we were leaving the place was full of people. Thank you Lord! Kasoa Ghana West Africa, Thursday August 21st 2014.

One of the Gifts of the Spirit students, Sister Freida, center next to the Sister in purple agreed that we would come to visit and minister healing to her family. 
After ministering to them all they gave us a meal they prepared, thanked us then gave me an offering. See photo below.

Kasoa Ghana West Africa, Monday August 25th 2014.

Today Tuesday August 26th 2014, we led every student into bringing forth messages via speaking in tongues and interpreting. Some needed to receive the baptism in the spirit, the gift of tongues and the gift of the interpretation of tongues. Praise God for the victory! Kasoa Ghana West Africa.

After every student in the Gifts of the Spirit course spoke in tongues and interpreted heavy rains came. The roof of the church is tin and we could not hear anything so I had to close class early today. The church was having water come inside as the whole area was flooded. Kasoa Ghana West Africa, Tuesday August 26th 2014.

Today Sunday August 31st 2014, I preached at on of the students in this Gifts of the Spirit course in Kasoa. His name is Pastor Felix. My interpreter on the left is Pastor Peter. I taught them on the types of baptisms before Christian baptism was instituted. Abeka-Accra Ghana West Africa.

Kasoa, 2014 Gifts of the Spirit course graduates. Twenty-one of them Graduated. Praise God. My interpreter Pastor Pete is in the chair next to me on the right. September 5th 2014, Ghana West Africa.

This is Brother Daniel, his relative on of the recent Gifts of the Spirit course graduates, brought me to the hospital and we ministered to him. His leg was broke in three places. There was nerve damage and many other conditions. 
After we were done he was moving his foot and toes, and said he could not do that before. Praise God as he will be walking out of the hospital soon... Accra Ghana West Africa Saturday September 6th 2014.

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