Rev. Mark Machado's Missionary Trip 

My choice for dinner on this eight hours and ten minute direct flight from Dallas Texas  to London England  was chicken. A very comfortable Boeing 777 seven seat wide aircraft. Brother Mark Machado February 18th 2016

My first Kenyan meals was here with Brother Edwin and Sister Angela! A delicious meal i might add!  Thank you for being given to Hospitality! Brother Mark Machado February 19th 2016 Nairobi, Kenya  

When I arrived in Nairobi it took about two hours to get through immigration...from about 9pm to 11pm... Brother Mark Machado February 19th 2016 Nairobi, Kenya

This is my host and invitation Brother Obed, God bless him as he waited about two hours at the Nairobi Airport holding a sign with my name on it... Brother Mark Machado February 19th 2016 Nairobi Kenya


Brother Obed and I flew from Nairobi to Kisumu. Kisumu is the home city of president Obama'a Father! Brother Mark Machado Febreary 20th 2016 Nairobi, Kenya

I had a warm and friendly greeting from the family and some of the congregation of Brother Omed's as they sang to me as I arrived at his church and home. We drove from Kisumu to Kakamega on a very ruff road under construction, Brother Omed drove. Here in Kenya they drive on the left side of the road as they do in England. Brother Mark Machado February 20th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

My first message Sunday morning was, "The Fear of The Lord". I also intrduced the Gifts of The Spirit Course as I delivered God's message to the standing room only crowed. Our Sister in the Brown wa interpreting for me from English to Swahili. Our Sister's name is Benina. She did a great job! Brother Mark Machado February 23rd 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

After making the alter call for salvation a crowd of about 25 came to be filled with the spirit (Baptism of The Holy Ghost). Many had tears in their eyes as they recieved and spoke in other tongues! Brother Mark Machado February 21st 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

Many came for healing. Some had malaria, others stomach problems, as others had diabetes as did our Sister in this photo. Brother Obed's Mother! It was a great revival and so much joy was had as we concluded the service! Thanks to you all in your support and prayers of faith! Brother Mark Machado February 21st 2016 Kakamega, Kenya


I have exactly fifty(50) students in this two weeks class on the Gifts of The Spirit here in Kakamega, Kenya.Brother Mark Machado February 22nd 2016 Kakamega,  Kenya  East Africa. 

This is Brother Obed's church he founded fourteen years ago. This is where we are having our teaching and training on the Gifts of The Spirit. Brother Mark Machado February 22nd 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

This is from left to right, Joel, Dennis, and Michelle Dennis's wife. They have been missionaries here for over 7 years The are up at 4:20 am daily milking their cows and selling the milk to help pay for their stay here in Kenya. Praise God they have a water heater and I take a hot shower  daily! They go to the children's  prison  and ministering minister there... Sister Michelle make me a fresh chai tea in a to go cup daily. She will be travelling  to the states this Thursday. God bless them! Joel is their son! Thank you for your prayers,for them also! BrotherMark Machado February 23rd 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

Daily I am taken to class on a motorcycle taxi. A couple of times I drove, on the left hand side of the road. Thats the way the traffic flows here! Brother Mark Machado February 23rd 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

Brother Obed's car needed repair so the mechanics came to his home to repair it outside! We watched them work at our break time in our two weeks class. Brother Mark Machado February 24th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

This is a photo of my mosquito net hanging from the ceiling in my room covering me and my bed. Thank God for it so they cannot bite me.... An ounce of prevention is worth  a pound of cure! Brother Mark Machado February 22nd 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

Praise God! Today EVERY student spoke in tongues and brought forth the interpretation into Swahili! About two interpreted into English. My interpreter here who also is a student is named Evelyn! Thank you for your prayers in helping this class be a success! Brother Mark Machado February 25th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

This is my friend on the wall in my bedroom! He eats mosquitoes! Welcome to the missionary field! Brother Mark Machado February 25th, 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

This young girl came by herself after class. She said, as my interpreter interpreted from Swahili to English, that she had trouble learning at school. I took authority  over the confusion and witchcraft coming against her as she was set free by the power of God! Brother Mark Machado February 24th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

Today after teaching on the Gift of the Word of knowledge each student by faith, one by one prophesied, exercising the Gift of Prophesy! We thank God for his Great Grace and Love! Brother Mark Machado February 26th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya

Moo! In this rural area most every household has a cow! One reason is for milk, and another reason is to sell the milk. My host, Brother Obed has his here close to the church! Brother Mark Machado February 24th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

After class, dinner, and going to the Cyber- Cafe to send updates. Brother Dennis and I each rode home on a motorcycle. Brother Mark Machado February  26th 2016 Kakamega, Kenya 

 We really were monkeying around, well this monkey on the tree was... His back is to us it is called a blue monkey. Brother Mark Machado February 27th 2016 Rondo resort forest entry...Kakamega, Forest , Kenya 

Today Brother Obed and I went Kakamega rain forest.  It is the only rainforest in Kenya and is only about 10 percent of what is was originally years ago! The sign is the retreat house where we entered the forest. Brother Mark Machado February 27th 2016 Kakamega Rain Forest, Kakamega , Kenya 

This leaf is like sandpaper, you can sand with it, it is one of the many trees growing here in this forest...

This tree came from a seed many years ago. The tree that the seed came from was the only tree of its kind. It was guarded and preserved until it bear seeds. Now this forest has them and in many other countries this tree is prevalent. 

Another blue monkey about 20 feet from us was watching  our every move!

If you look closely in the trees you will see Vervet monkies. They have white on their faces...

 The sap off of this tree was originally used to make fingernail polish...

 This plant is used to cure diarrhoea...

These Ants  (without uncles?) will bite you! No thanks I gladly stepped over them!

Exotic  animal? No just a cow crossing  the road!

Some time ago someone dug here for gold. The plants growing on the bottom of the photo is where the sand was piles from the dig.

Here is a tree as you enter the gated Rondo Resort. The sign on the tree gives you it's name...

Brother Obed, his wife Florescent and I were going to a village named Khobondi. When I first arrived in Kenya I spoke to Brother Obed and asked where is a place to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ where no one goes? He said this Village where he has a Pastores and a church. Here is a accident that occurred before we arrived at this part of the roaf. Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016 near Kakamega, Kenya

This is a unique fruit called "Fin-A-Zee". It is originally from the neighboring country of Uganda. This is the Sunday school teacher here at this church, her name is Adlight! She cut and served us this tasty fruit. It tastes like banana, pineapple,   and orange mixed together. Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016 Khobondi, Kenya

After making a call for salvation   (no one came forward as they had accepted Christ as their Saviour already thanks to all the missionaries and Pastors who are here who make sure the attendees in the churches know Chris!) many of the congregation, about half of the about fifty percent came forward to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. They were gloriously speaking in tongues after being filled with the Spirit. Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016 Khobondi, Kenya

After a long drive and a rough dusty road we arrived here at the church in Khobondi! Brother Mark Machado

The church was full, standing room in Khobondi, Kenya Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016.

 Brother Obed's wife, Sister Florence, Intempered for me. I delivered God's Word on "Part Alike". Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016 Khobondi, Kenya

The young people came forward for prayer and ministering..I helped them receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Brother Mark Machado February 28th 2016 Khobondi Village Kenya



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