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Church Government – 88 pages. Suggested Donation $12.00 “As we shall be studying–will deal with God-given ministries, those of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and office helps. may the truth contained within this study edify and exhort you to the fulfilling of your own God-ordained ministry.” Rev. B.G. Leonard
& Rev. Evelyn Thiele-Leonard.

Foundations – 300 pages. Suggested Donation $25.00 “Foundations is to the student of Holy Writ what a blueprint is to a construction engineer. It is a veritable slide rule in the hands of the truth-seeker. it was with a full realization of its importance, the necessity for its existence, and the scope of its inherent usefulness that the author, impelled as he was as by God’s Spirit, gave birth to this book. We pray that it shall be to you a guide of inestimable value in the realm of constructive and exhaustive investigation of divine revelation.” Rev. B.G. Leonard

Gifts OF The Spirit -385 pages. Suggested Donation $25.00 “One day God spoke to me. “If thou wilt wait patiently before me, I will give thee the revelation concerning that which is written in my Word touching these things; the revelation my people need to bring them out of their chaos and confusion.” I believed God. For months I waited before His presence in solitude. During those wonderful days, He revealed the truth to me concerning the gifts of the Spirit. As He did, these things were proven by acting upon the knowledge thus received, and by examining the results in light of His Word.”  Rev. B.G. Leonard

This Spanish abridged version of the Gifts of The Spirit book will be available in the near future for a suggested donation of $15.00. Outside of the USA, the receiver will need to pay the sufficient postage in order to have it sent.

Gospel of Grace -167 pages. Suggested Donation $12.00 “In things pertaining to God, the grace of God is the root of the matter. Without a proper understanding of this subject, all others will be a bit more difficult to comprehend. Without a through comprehension of this great truth, others may be (and likely will be) approached from the wrong point of view, with the inevitable consequence: misconception of the plan and purpose of God in connection with the particular subject under observation.” Rev. B.G. Leonard

Healing Made Plain – 213 pages. Suggested Donation $20.00 “Misunderstanding and misapprehensions constitute by far the greater part of those things which hinder the exercise of faith for the receiving of healing. Healing made Plain was written with the earnest expectation that it would prove it’s worth in clearing up those misunderstandings and those misapprehensions. We trust you will receive the help you are looking for in its page.” Rev B.G. Leonard

Holocaust – 114 pages. Suggested Donation $20.00 “This unique book has contents of that which God’s Word declares. Through out the ages God made known of his will in scriptures. Not hiding but showing what are the things to come. Technology has increased more and more as that prophet of old, declared long ago (But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.  Dan 12:4) Type and shadow  of His prophecies will be revealed in this book, so that the believer on Christ can see the power and might of God with His judgments concerning the ungodly being distributed, with why and how.”

Positive Prayer – 157 pages. Suggested Donation $15.00Decades of dedicated research in the subjects both Biblical and secular , in association with his personal communion with God Almighty and a life and ministry that have carried him around the globe, has given Rev. Leonard unique and extraordinary insights into the Holy Scriptures, many of which are presented in this book: Positive Prayer.”

The Everlasting Covenant – 67 pages. Suggested Donation $20 “God’s great plan of salvation unfolds before the eyes of the reader of His Word  as a mighty, an unbreakable, an almost unbelievable covenant, a covenant established and sealed by God Himself, with man the beneficiary and receipt of every good thing derivative thereof. It is declared to be a NEW Covenant, a Covenant Of PEACE, an EVERLASTING COVENANT.” Rev. B.G. Leonard

The Water In The Bottle – 93 pages. Suggested Donation $15.00 “A new and intriguing approach to a controversial subject, Water In The Bottle is an expository treatment of the Godhead which leaves nothing unsaid.” Rev. B.G. Leonard

Pearls of Great Price – Sister Stephanie is in are in the process of making copies of Brother Leonard’s book, Pearls of Great Price. A book of poems. This book will available to procure by mid July of this year. This suggested donation is $20.00 US funds which includes shipping within the continental USA. All orders outside the continental USA are the responsibility of the procurer.

tIf you desire to translate any of these books into your mother tongue please contact Rev. Mark Machado at 956-266-5866 beforehand to arrange the details.



Rev. B. G. Leonard

Volume I

Suggested donation $20.00 US funds

( suggested donation $4.50 ea. U.S. funds)

This is a 2 CD set. Bonus CD is piano only. 

01 I See The Rainbow 02 Move By Thy Spirit, Lord 03 Divided Heart 04 Lay Thy Hands On Me 05 Faith Is The Power 06 My Name Is Engraved 07 The Hymn of Cannes 08 Jesus The Christ Is Born 09 Babe In A Manger 10 Forever Christ Is The Same 11 The Whole Armour 12 Breathe That Holy Name in Prayer 13 The Stream of Time  14 Idle Hands

Suggested Donation $24.00 US Funds.


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