Live Call In Services

Please Feel Free to Conference Call in for Our Sunday & Wednesday Services!

Our Sunday Morning Services start at 10:30am and our Wednesday Evening Services start at 7:30pm United States of America Central Time. The Conference Phone Number is (605) 468-8010  when connected you will be asked for the participation Access Code number which is 1029217 then press the # key! Then if you would kindly mute your phone by using the mute button or press *6. Thank You!

The only cost to you will be your cost for the duration of the call! Anyone can call from anywhere!

Please, if you attend a local church in your area on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, we ask that you continue to attend as we do not want you to forsake the assembling together with others! If you do not have a home church then please feel free to call in!

If your using the Firefox browser with the Skype add-on the phone number will not show.  When you disable it then the phone number will appear.