Florida 2015

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip

Do to a server glitch we lost all prior information about the events but God knows what had happen for His Glory. Amen!


This is Sister Louralee who has a beautiful voice. She is a messianic Jew, one who has accepted Christ as her Saviour! She is doing the song service tonight. Brother Mark Machado Sanford Florida Sunday Evening May 31st, 2015

 After delivering the Word of God, a message I titled faith, Brother on the right, Brother Fred came for healing. He had just arrived from Brazil. He offered his services in arranging televised services. Praise God!

This is Brother and Sister De Leon. They hosted me for four days while I was preaching , teaching and ministering. God bless them for their hospitality! They are from Puerto Rico. Brother Mark Machado Orlando Florida Monday June 1st.

This family came for healing. The daughter in the center received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues. The parents were freed from many conditions. This is at Glory Fire Church hosted by a blessed couple, Pastor’s David and Rhonda Ramer. Brother Mark Machado Sanford Florida Monday night June 1st 2015.

Our Brother and Sister here stood with me in faith as I ministered to about fifty tonight until way past midnight. Then they came forward and we’re very blessed as I made known the revelations. To and for them. They stayed until I was done then prayed for me so I could continue on in my ministry.

Our Brother and sister here are having twin boys. I saw the placenta was slightly corruppted and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the head of one of the twins. By the mutual faith of us all, and by the power of God all was undone. Praise God Forever!

Our Aiater has many desires on her heart. We united tohether in faith and brought them to the Lord. Then I saw be the spirit of God a wolf in sheep’s clothing that would be “smooth” in trying to deeive her! Praise God for His love, as the enemies plan was exposed!

This Sister has been called by God to go into dark places to bring the lost sheep (God’s chosen who have not accepted Christ as their Saviour yet) out of their sinful lifestyle to come to Christ. We united in prayer so she could get the job done!

Our Sister had many physical challenges. By faith the causes were removed. Thank you Father! We thank God for the great revial of this time in Sanford Florida!!!

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