Ghana Spring 2019

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip

I arrived in Ghana A-day late, my plane was canceled for Friday night and did not arrive here until Saturday night March 2nd. After going through long lines in customs, I finally met my interpreter Isaac and another pastor only to find out that the taxi car would not start. So we had to transfer my luggage from one car to another.

With very little rest after a long night it was time to preach in Pastor Theophilus church.  Sister Rebecca who graduated The Rev. B. G. Leonard Gifs of the Spirit course last year was doing the interpreting for me.. The message God gave me to deliver was, The Fewer of the Lord!

Pastor Theophilus is driving me around in his car,  he has a poster on it announcing the gift of the spirit course that will be starting here Monday March 5th. They also have a poster in front of the hosting church,  Called love community church.. Pastor Theophilus is in the yellow suit and is announcing the gifts of the spirit course and had me come up to speak at the hosting Church…

We helped the 9 students move in and speak in tongues and interpret…Thank you for all your prayers of faith! March 7th 2019

We moved out of the church for class  because of the extreme heat, and into this canvas covered area! Praise God for the breeze of fresh air!

This is the well where we get our bathing water… This is our bathroom…

Today all the Gifts of The Spirit Course students ministered healing. Praise God for the now 8 students…

As always I make many friends with the local young people. They told me what church they attend, their age, and school grade.

Water anyone? This is how it is done here by the young or women only. They will walk far to the well and the load on their head is heavy on the way back home!

Today because of the witchcraft exercises against us i had to cast out an evil spirit that entered one of the students while ministering. Praise God we win the battle and the War! March 13, 2019

We had 5 new students graduate and 2 repeat students all walking in the power of God! Congratulations to them all!

Even the dogs eat of the crumbs says the word of God! Here the chickens get my crumbs… Oh yes, so you know, there is no white meat on these truly organic chickens… Mmmmmm!

These children are left on the sides of the road to panhandle for money. Their Mothers are cripples or not able to work. This is in the capital city of Accra, Ghana West Africa 

I delivered the message on Gospel of Grace to Saul/Paul this Sunday the 17th of March. The congregation was filled with joy as God’s truth set them free. Brother Isaac Geydu the founder of this work of God interpreted for me.

The goats as with many other animals are free to walk the streets… Welcome to the neighborhood!

Today I purchased pens and notebooks for the Rev. B.G. Leonard Full Bible Course Students beginning next week on Monday the 25th. I will teach them on Gospel of Grace. After purchasing the Bible School materials I met a Muslim man on the road, whom Brother Billy introduced me to.  He wanted me to take him to America to preach Islam. I asked him to let me preach Christ in his Mosque. He said I just need to convert to Islam. I said you wont let me preach Christ in your Mosque but you want me to let you preach Islam in USA? I asked him why the Koran has more writing about the Prophet Jesus Christ then Muhammad? Then I said, “you know of Christ as a Prophet but you need to accept him as your Saviour!” We then left him.

After a call for salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the call to come for healing was made… The needs were many and by the mutual Faith they were free from their infirmities…

I meet again with a precious Brother in Christ, Ike Morgan with the Assemblies of God Church. He asked me to do 4 nights of teaching and ministering in a place called Saltpond in the lower part of the city. This first night eight came to be filled with the Spirit (the baptism of the Holy Ghost) and were Praise be unto God.

This precious young one, named Dorcas, was having challenges with others in school and with understanding her subjects. With tears in her eyes she was set free by Gods loving power.


Here is Brother Ike Morgan’s son (in the multi colored shirt)who came to receive the baptism of the Spirit and Did! Brother Michael  in the yellow shirt,  interpreted for me in this 4 day Campaign for Christ.

A special thanks to Brother Ike Morgan, who allowed me to preach God’s Holy Word to the congregation in Saltpond.

Off to a village to preach this Sunday morning…

Brother Isaac Geydu my host interpreted for me to the congregation in the village as I delivered a sermon on What is The Word of God profitable for?


Time to start the Rev. B. G. Leonard full bible course. Subject or Course number one. Gospel of Grace. Brother Isaac Debrah, whom I have known for 18 years, is continuing to interpret for me. Now for his first time on this subject…

These two groups came to be filled with the Holy Ghost. They all received by faith and spake with other tongues to the Glory of God!

Here are the students writing their first examinations in the Rev. B. G. Leonard Full Bible Course. 

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