Ghana Fall 2018

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip

Thursday September 30th, 2018

Praise God I just arrived in Accra Ghana West Africa safe and sound. Thank you all for your prayers!

This is my host for the 1st Gifts of The Spirit Course (Starting Monday September 3rd) here on Ghana’s capital city of Accra. Rev. Thomas Etsaiko is on the right to left with Sister Gloria then Sister Lyddia and me. I ministered healing to the two Sisters before taking this Photo.  Brother Mark Machado.

This precious Sister had a nervous breakdown because of the peer pressure at school.  I ministered to her brain and nervous system and many other things. Praise God! August 30th 2018.

Today we (I) drove about 3 hours to Volta Region. This village is called Battor. I ministered to Sister Beas who’s son was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Brother Isaac with the young boy, left Sister Bea then Rev Etsiako my host and me on the right. They cooked us some fresh caught wild tilapia. Mmmmm. August 31st 2018.

Bumper to bumper traffic in the capital city of Accra. It took us about five hours to get back home to my hosts home.. I am the designated driver because of my International Drivers License. Notice the street vendors between moving cars? You think the traffic is bad in the USA?

Brother Theophilus is my host for this Course here in Ghana. I will need two interpreters, from English to French and English to one of the Ghanian dialects.

Brother Theophilus is preparing his Missionary grounds for the Gifts of the Spirit course starting Monday the 3rd of September. He is on the left. Brother Thomas my current host is in the center.

After the call for salvation these Brethren came to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and received.

I taught and ministered today in a village called Yakoko. I greeted the children before and after service. The Pastors name is Emmanuel who also interpreted for me. 

Day one of the Gifts of the Spirit course here in Amasaman Ghana West Africa. I need two Interpreters, one, Brother Theophilus, on the right, from English to French, two, Brother Isaac, in the center, from English to Twii (chee) one of the Ghanian dialects. Praise God the students are like sponges!

Today the students were speaking in tongues and bringing forth the interpretation. Most of them for the first time! Glory to God in the highest!

Friday October 7th 2018

Today because of the heavy rains, we had to wait for them to minimize so the students could hear because of the rain hitting the tin roof. Then the students all moved in closer so they could hear as I finished the teaching on the Gift of the word of wisdom… Brother Mark Machado.

Today at Brother Theophilus (wearing blue on the right in the photo) church the sermon was on tithing. Praise God the congregation came and paid tithes and gave offerings!

This morning I spoke to this young Muslim girl on the way to our Training Course teaching. I asked her if she read the Koran? She said yes then I told her about the Prophet Jesus that Mohammed has written in the Koran . But she was not interested…09-12-2018.

Maybe we need to be a little more thankful in America? The three black buckets on the right in front of the two-tone pillar are the school children’s toilets! Yes everyone can see them as they stand in front or sit on them! Sometimes there will be a child on all three buckets at the same time. That’s the way it is done here! 09-12-2018.

Today I led the students into operating the revelation and power Gifts of the Spirit. Here is a little bit of instruction before they began to do the works Jesus said he that believes on him is to do.

Praise God! With Brother Issac’s help (In the white shirt and grey pants) and Brother Theophilus ( in the blue and orange shirt in the back) we were able to communicate to the 18 Students so that they we able to deliver and heal those whom they were ministering to. 09-12-2018.

The work of God has grown here in Amasaman Ghana West Africa! Now we have 18 more Christian’s with the whole amour of God! Casting out devils and healing the sick! 09-12-2018.

The students and visiting congregation were rejoicing with the closing song for this particular Gifts of the Spirit course. Praise God for His blessing!

Here are the 18 graduates of the Gifts of the Spirit course in Amasaman September 2018. To God be the glory!

I prophesied over each of the 18 graduating students one by one. Some had tears in their eyes as God gave them their personal instruction for their life and ministries. Thank you Father!

From left to right, Rev Etsiako (Hosted me at his home during this class) . Brother Mark. Brother Theophilus (The Pastor of the church where class was held) , his wife, Brother Isaac Deborah my original and main interpreter here in Ghana. May God bless them all for their labors of love!

Praise God! I am back at the Assembly of Christians Church here in Mankessim. At the end of the song service two members of the congregation each spoke a mighty prophecy by the spirit of God. Thank you Father!

The message taught today was on. “Smooth Things” Isaiah 30:10 The congregation was blessed hearing the truth that sets us free, in this case, concerning false prophets and false prophecies! God in His love wants us to have knowledge!

This evening at the Christian Radio Station 95.5 in Mankessim  we, Bishop Gyedu left , me center,  and Brother Billy right, who interpreted for me,  announced the Gifts of the spirit course to all the listeners. I exhorted over the air for the listeners to join the class to be enabled to do the works Christ ordained every believer on him to do. God bless the workers at the radio station for allowing us this blessed privilege.

I ask God’s blessing on my current hosts here in Mankessim. They have made me one of my favorite Ghanian meals today…pronounced “Red Red” mmmmmmm. It is ripe fried bananas and beans in a thick sauce, delicious!

Brother Issac my original interpreter was on the Congo drums during the song service tonight. September 20th, 2018

This is Sister Sika from the Mankessim radio station. She wanted to speak on tongues. So I led her into receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues. To God be the Glory!

Praise God the congregation was rejoicing in the truths of Gods Holy Word! The message tonight was titled “Part Alike”. 1st Samuel 30:24. 09:21:18 Brother Ebenezer interpreted!

This is Brother Issac on the right, and Brother Ike in the center. He is a Assemblies of God missionary Pastor. He sat in for about 2 hours of teaching in the Gifts of the Spirit course until I was free at a break. He wanted to meet me and as he heard the Word and talked with Brother Issac and I, he booked us in the evenings to go to some villages. God Bless Brother Ike!

We arrived in the village called Nakwah at about 7:30pm. The congregation was listening closely to the Word of God on the Judgement seat of Christ for the Christian and the White throne Judgment for the ungodly.

Wow Praise God they were freed from the witches and wizards curses. Brother Isaac and I saw it by the Spirit of God, on each of them we ministered to Individually. Thank you Holy Heavenly Father!

This precious little one had a fever and stomach problems. Gods love is Great! Christ paid the price for all manner of sickness and all manner of disease!

After driving the Toyota to the village with my interpreter for the day, called Ebenezer, I proclaimed a message God gave titled, Sleep. The congregation was very happy. Praise the Lord!

Many came by faith for healing, some with and for their children… Thank you Father!

After a call for salvation many came for the receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and received, about 25.

God bless Brother Isaac when we were ministering healing one of the Sisters in his line needed a lot of deliverance. He was casting out devils and they were coming out with loud voices as they were leaving… Praise God she is free!


This Sister had a lot of evil coming against her. I declared the revelation that she had a family member in witchcraft. She confirmed it was true. Praise the Lord by the power of God on the name of Jesus Christ she is free! Ekumfi Narkwa Village. September 25th 2018.

As I was ministering to the young boy i saw a necklace on him and asked the Father where he got it from I told the Father that it is used as a point of contact to exercise evil again him (the boy)and that he needs to remove it! Ekumfi Narkwa Village. September 25th 2018.

In a small village with brother Isaac interpreting I taught on Ezekiel 3 concerning a watchman. God in His love wanted me to help some of His people out of a dark road. Their Pastor had warned them and God had me confirm it to them for their good. Praise God for his love for us that Christ will come back for us all without spot or wrinkle. Thank you Father! Thursday Septmeber 28th 2018.

Praise God the students were led into their God given Ministries today. To God be the glory!

Thank you Father for three more walking by your Gifts of the Spirit. Congratulations Sister Georgina, Brother Peter and Sister Abigail! September 28th 2018.

Today I met the MC of this region in Ghana, Brother Kenneth. He is like the Mayor and a Political Representative combined. He is also an Elder for the Church of Pentecost here. Praise God for me being able to meet him. September 28th 2018.

This is Dr. Mark. He is a Brother in Christ. I ministered to him and he confirmed the revelations. What a precious Brother in Christ. He is thankful that we met and enjoys hearing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached. From left to right, Brother Billy, me, Dr. Mark, and Bishop Isaac. Friday September 28th 2018.

This is Brother Billy who is serious about evangelizing. His daughter in pink was ministered to this past April. She could not speak at that time. But praise God she is speaking now! They came to visit me and I bought them a soft drink! Saturday September 29th 2018.

Today is the final Sunday here in Mankessim for this missionary work. I have been here for over one month. I am dedicating Brother Ebenezer’s daughter to the Lord. What a fantastic prophecy spoken to her! Sunday September 30th 2018.

My final message to the congregation was on the 7 types of Churches in Revelation chapters 1 to 3. The people were Blessed and thankful for the truth of Gods Holy Word. Bishop Isaac gave the closing prayer. September 30th 2018.

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