Ghana Summer 2019

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip

I arrived safe and sound in the Accra airport in Ghana. Praise God!
Thank you all for your prayers! Brother Mark Machado 

I was going to town today to get some things and my group of friends met me along the way and were calling my name…I love those young people!

Hungry or thirsty anyone?  The blue vehicle is public transportation. The vendors run up to them when they stop to sell their goods to the traveler’s.Sometimes the sellers are running as the “Truk Truk”  is leaving to return the change back to the traveler’s.

Today at church service, one of my Grads of the Gifts of the Spirit course was visiting from the country of Coit d’ivoire.  He name is Brother Christian. A good trumpet player I might add!

Today Sunday the 28th of July, Brother Billy was delivering the message to the congregation. “Our Deliverance is in Christ!” He graduated the first Gifts of the Spirit course I ever taught on Africa in 2002.

Two of my young friends came to greet me. Pascalin the young one and Grace who is holding her. They enjoy practicing their English with me…

Praise God! We are campaigning to start another branch for the Assemblies of Christian’s. We are in a village called Assin Andoh

With the rain coming upon us we delivered the message on, “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb”

Our Sister had malaria the 2nd day of class and was ministered to and healed by the power of God! Praise be to God!

After we led her to Christ, she was ministered to and delivered from alcohol. She came back two nights later after hearing the prophecies at the campaign. Those prophecies drew her back to us all and Brother Isaac helped her the receive the Baptism of the Spirit and the gift of tongues. To God be the Glory!

Our Sister needed to go to the hospital for a shot. Whenever she went her whole body would burn and heat up. After being ministered to she went again and no more burning! Praise God Forever! This same night that she gave her testimony, she prophesied for the first time. In the prophecy it was declared how someone stolen money from our ministries account in the past, that people were wanting evil to happen to the ministry and how someone would support this work of God so that there would be no more lack of funds for the (fray) Battle! God bless her for her obedience!

Praise God I was raised up camping, hunting, and fishing! This is the community bathroom where i am staying in this village. Not a whole lot of privacy!

Our Brother on the right, Pastor Steven from the Christ Apostolic Church, was asking another man of God about Spiritual Gifts. The Brother said to Pastor Steven that he didn’t know, but that two men will be coming to teach him. Pastor Steven said who? From Where? He did not believe it! Praise God Brother Isaac and I were there to teach and train him and them….

Praise the Lord!  With only one days notice we had four Students come to be taught and trained on the three utterance Gifts of The Spirit. The gift of tongues, the interpretation of tounges, and Prophecy.

This precious young one was abandoned. We delivered her from fear and many other things. Praise God!

After teaching and instruction on the Lords Supper we partook.

This is hard work! Mashing the cooked casava to make FuFu (fufuo).

These vans are called Truk Truk. At times I pay for two seats so I have enough room to sit so we are not packed like sardines in a can…

This man was preaching Christ to the traveller’s in their local language. I gave him an offering before we left for the next destination, and he was very thankful!

I was asked to share not preach at a Church near Amasaman. I showed them the six fundamentals of Christ in Hebrews 6: 1-2. They had never heard of them before, so they want me to come back in the future to teach and train them… Thank you Father…

Due to the mosquito problem with malaria, I am sleeping under a mosquito net. Praise God as an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure!

After delivering  God’s message for the night, many came for the baptism of the Spirit. They also received the God Given ability to speak in other tongues (languages). We thank God for His blessed Holy gifts!

Day one of the Gifts of the Spirit training course. Thank you Father for seven new students!

Healing the sick! The first Sister with #52 on her shirt had asthma. Our second Sister with the red 
Head covering had many different problems including that infirmity in the blood and evil spirits coming against her… By faith she received her deliverance…to God be the glory!

Today after teaching them on the gift of Prophecy, all the new students spoke in tongues and interpreted (by the spirit of God in them) for their first time! God’s Holy Word is TRUE!

Today during their training on the Gifts of the Spirit, all the students prophesied one by one, operating the gift of prophecy! Praise God

God calls us Sheep and not goats…why? Because goats eat anything. We are to eat from Gods table, meaning His Holy Word!


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