Honduras 2019

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip

Thank you all for your prayers the roads were dangerous here because of the revolt of the people against the government, telephone Poles on the road set on fire and tires with rocks in many places. Praise God we made it safe from San Pedro Sula to the city of Omoa.

I arrived safe in a place I have been before called Omoa, famous for a castle there that i had visited many years ago. The family and friends greeted me with a great love, (back row from left to right) Brother Gerardo, Pastor Carlos, Me, Sister Elvira the great cook for us all. On the front row, Pastora Mirna, and Jessica. Praise God for familiar faces and new ones on Christ.

This is Corinto, Honduras. This was my first time here delivering the message God gave me also for the first time, called No man can serve two Masters. Brother Ulysses interpreted for me for his first time from English into Spanish. He did a great job! Thank you Brother and God bless you for it.

Brother Arturo is the Pastor of the church in Corinto who thanked me for the message of truth and invited me back to preach and teach when I come to Honduras the next time. I thanked him for allowing me to preach Gods Holy Word.

Today we left for Santa Cruz de Ajoa. It is about a three hour drive from Omoa.Brother Gerado, in the red shirt, connected me with the Pastor in Santa Cruz for a campaign. What a blessing a total stranger gave me the opportunity to preach and minister at the outdoor campaign. The theme of the campaign is Miracles!

From left to right, my interpreter, Brother Freddie (he says he is always ready Freddie), Brother Gerado, yours truly, Pastor Carlos . We are at the church and home of Pastor Carlos preparing for this evenings service!

Mmmmmmmm, real home made huevos rancheros! God bless Oaster Calos wife! Delicious!

Pastor Carlos has some rich soil and a great garden to harvest. This reminds me of the verse in the book of Matthew, Matthew 9:37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

Here in Santa Cruz de Ajoa I gave a message from God’s Holy Word on miracles. After the call for salvation then ministered healing to those in need. Thanks to Pastor Freddie for interpreting, and Pastor Carlos and Gerado for allowing me this opportunity. God bless you all in Christ!

Pastor Carlos from Omoa also took photos of the Campaign in Santa Cruz de Ajoa. God bless him for doing all the driving to and from all of our missionary destinations…

Praise God! Kentucky fried chicken here! Brother.  Javier Ieft in the maroon shirt sitting across from his wife is my interpreter here in Puerto Cortez. Pastor Gambino in the light green shirt next to his wife in the white is the head of the church here.  This is my second time preaching and teaching here at the Congressional Church, I was here five years ago. I taught and trained many on the three utterance Gifts of the Spirit. The gift of tongues, interpretation of tounges , and prophesy.

There were about 300 attending the service this Sunday morning at the Congressional Church here in Puerto Cortez. I gave the congregation an introduction on the Gifts of the Spirit. I showed them from the scriptures that the nine gifts of the Spirit are for every believer on Christ! Thanks to Brother Javier who did a great job interpreting for me for the better understanding of the congregation. Praise God!

I had my work cut out for me as I ministered healing to those that came in Faith. I ministered without an interpreter. This Brother in the light green shirt received the Baptism of the Holy ghost and the gift of tounges to the Glory of God!

My accommodations here at the home of my interpreter Brother Havier and his wife are exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask of think as it says in, Ephesians 3:20

Pastor Gambinos congregation are able to be picked up by bus to come to the church. Tonight they are coming to be taught on faith.

There were about 100 or so who came as I thought them on faith, that supernatural God-given ability to believe for the impossible to come to pass at your word!

Here, Brother Alan, in the khaki colored shirt, came for healing. He also received the Baptism of the Holy ghost and the gift of tongues.

This is Gabe, she is Brother Alan’s daughter from the earlier photo.. I led her to Christ and then helped her to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues. Amen, thank you Father!

This is Pastor Israel. He opened the door for me to preach at his church.

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