San Antonio 2017

Rev. Mark Machado’s Missionary Trip 

I am on my way to meet Brother Terry to do ministry work in San Antonio Texas…

We arrived at Ark Revival Ministries and meet Pastor Phil…

There were so many miracles of healings that the people write them on a board! So many were amazed at the revelations about their lives that were made known to show God’s love of them for their healing..

Thank you God!

The music team at the Ark Revival Ministries church playing music be for I taught a message God gave me called, “Why was the man at the temple gate beautiful a miracle of healing!”

After the fantastic healing service at the Ark Revival Ministries church, on Sunday morning the 26th on this month of November we went to Holy Covenant Church with Pastor John Singleterry a long time friend!

The church was full and Brother Terry Johnson and I had our work cut out for us as we ministered healing to the people… After the preaching of God’s Holy Word!

A group of young folks sang for the service who were also healed at the end of the service…

We could not remember all the healings as the people came in faith… many said they were light and free!

This young one was set free from bad dreams at night then he was filled with the Holy Ghost and was speaking in other tongues…Praise and Glory God!

We (Brother Terry and i Brother Mark) went to minister to a woman with liver problems at this care center…

Here, Brother Sandy is praying for me, Brother Mark after giving his testimony of being healed the night before, from rotator cuff problems. He just got through playing golf with no pain!

Praise God forever!

Here is Sister Rosa giving her testimony, next to Brother William Fury, of being healed of my ailments including bad knees. She says she walks without pain now and committed to support financially Christian Training Centre of Texas.

Praise God and God Bless Sister Rosa!­

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